Is Labor and Delivery Nursing Best For Me?

Is labor and delivery nursing best for me?

is labor and delivery nursing hard

Labor and delivery nurses work in maternity care centers, labor and delivery rooms, neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), birthing centers, midwifery stations, and other types of hospitals. They help to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women who are either pregnant or about to give birth. After a woman becomes pregnant or goes through childbirth, she needs specific support throughout her pregnancy and beyond. This is where labor and delivery nurses come in handy. If you’re keen on becoming a labor and delivery nurse later down the road, here are some hints that can help you get started:

What is Labor and Delivery Nursing?

Labors and deliveries are a special type of healthcare. Nurses who specialize in this area help women throughout the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth. They’re often work with doctors referred to as obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs), though some people use these terms interchangeably.

is labor and delivery nursing hard

Labor and delivery nurses provide assistance to both low-risk and high-risk pregnancy patients. Low-risk patients have a high chance of giving birth without complications. These patients may need support to help them get ready for labor, such as encouraging them to get prenatal care and strength training. High-risk patients have a higher chance of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. These nurses can help these patients go into labor as safely as possible, monitor them closely throughout the delivery, and receive the best possible treatment if complications arise.

Why is Labor and Delivery Nursing Needed?

Many women decide to become nurses so they can help others. Others seek nursing jobs because they love the work environment, enjoy the tools they get to use every day, and want to help others. Nursing jobs are always needed and are always in demand. Whether you take this path because you want to help others or because you love the work, becoming a labor and delivery nurse is a great choice for you.

is labor and delivery nursing hard

The reasons nurses decide a career in Labor and Delivery are different from person to person. Whether you know you’ve always wanted to work with women and children or you’ve experienced a wonderful L&D nurse first hand, it’s a specialty that is very rewarding.  Families often need education and guidance on what to expect during pregnancy and post pregnancy. As an L&D nurse, you help in that manner reaching many families everyday.

Important Skills For an L&D RN

Nurses who choose to specialize in labor and delivery have specific skills and knowledge they have to have to be successful in this field. The best nurses in the field are comfortable with and understand the difference between a routine and an abnormal pregnancy. They know how to help a woman understand her body so she can make informed decisions regarding her care.

is labor and delivery nursing hard

They know how to work with medical staff and understand their roles in a delivery. They know how to work with patients, parents, and other staff members to create a positive work environment. They know how to work independently, but also understand that they need to work as a team. They know how to prioritize, manage their time, stay calm in high-pressure situations, and can think on their feet. They know how to interact with people in a professional manner, be respectful and patient, and keep their emotions under control. They might also have other skills nurses in other fields or settings may not have. These are the most important skills a labor and delivery nurse will have. Aside from the ongoing training, L&D nurses also obtain certifications in fetal heart monitoring, neonatal resuscitation, advanced cardiac life support and more.

Becoming a Certified Labor and Delivery Nurse

Labors and deliveries, like all other types of healthcare, are becoming more specialized.

is labor and delivery nursing hard

More and more nurses are specializing and moving away from primary care. As this trend continues, it’s important that you decide on a specialization early on because the field will probably become even more specialized down the road.

Nursing schools generally have certification exams that are required to become certified in a particular specialty. These exams test your knowledge and give you a certificate showing your mastery of the material.

Certification is a great way for you to show prospective employers that you have the specialized knowledge and skills to be a successful L&D RN. If your goal is to become a midlevel L&D RN, it may be worth spending some time studying for certification exams. If you want to become a senior level LD RN, certification probably isn’t worth the time and money it takes to get certified.

A Rewarding Service for Women and Families

Choosing a career in Labor and Delivery as a nurse can be scary, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Ask your fellow nurses, research articles on what Labor and Delivery nurses can do, or go to an actual L&D nurse for more insight. Make sure you look into all the options available to see what best fits your interests, skills, and career goals. You’ll be glad you did! Labor and delivery nurses are crucial to the healthcare field. They help women during some of their most vulnerable times, which is why they’re in such high demand.

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